Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How Baking chose me

Since my school days I always loved cooking.Trying out new recipes quite often. After wedding things changed for good. my darling husband who too loves food used to enjoy something new that came out of the kitchen. That made me feel Amazing...

The only encounter with baking I had in the school days was when my mother along with my teacher (Annie Teacher) used to bake scrumptious coconut cakes. Awwhh I am missing  those. Back then I wondered can I ever bake a cake :)

After marriage we got a convection oven and my first try at baking a cake was complete disaster :(

I didn't know anything about the oven temperature and the result was a vanilla flavoured partially cooked pudding . That was quite disappointing, but it encouraged me to read a lot about baking in microwave. Seeing my interest for baking my husband got me an electric mixer (That was a boon).Finally the day came when I baked a cake n it turned out just Perfect. My happiness knew no bounds. Ahhh and now i can say that yes I am a baker :)

Every time I bake it makes me wanting to bake more. One thing that I am proud and thank my Almighty for is I learnt by making mistakes. If anything goes wrong I would tell myself I will do it again and it will be perfect next time and one day it turned PERFECT :)

Baking satisfies the creative instinct in me.  I would love to share with you all my adventures in the kitchen :)  The new recipes that I try and the results.

 Feedbacks and comments are always welcome. Hope you will find joy & inspiration here :)

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