Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New Endeavours of my Life

Blogging after sooo long. Got busy with new endeavours of my life :) yes gotta share this, like I had said in my earlier post after my participation in the India Depressed Cake shop, that I hope to take my passion to the next level. Yes by the grace of my Almighty , the most beneficent and the support of my loved ones I have taken it to next level. I have started conducting Baking Classes :) yeaaaahhhhhh. I am super happy about it.

I had to do something with my love for baking. Baking just for my family and friends was not enough for me. Few friends in my new neighbourhood asked me if I can teach them baking as they were interested and that sparked off in me, why not conduct classes or workshops for people interested. The thought itself excited me but was not sure how its all gonna work out.

Then began my days and nights for making a flyer for my Baking class thanks to I could make lovely flyers without any cost.(here is the pic of my flyer).

I came to know about this site through Marina Ma'am, a person whose been conducting baking and cooking classes for so long. Such a great lady I admire her a lot. she is the one who inspires me by her hardwork, honesty and dedication towards her students and class. Learnt a lot from her. Thank you Ma'am.

 The flyer was ready and was sent to the mailing group of the apartment complex that I live in. Started off with 1 person for basics in baking. Was nervous in the beginning but once I started baking everything just fell into place. I was happy with the way I conducted it. Wow never felt like I am doing it for the first time.

The transition of my dining area into a baking class was a lovely sight to look at (lots of pictures to share) :) Boxes of flour, Sugar , Butter kept neatly on the table wow its simply beautiful.

It makes you feel so good. so confident so happy. Considering the back ache problems that I have after I finish the class it aggravates but the content feeling and happiness that it gives Simply in love with it. Yeah actually loving every bit of it.

Here are the pictures of the classes being conducted and the baked goodies taken home by the participants.

The Purpose behind this write-up was if you are the one who wants to do something that you like. A thing that you are passionate about then just go for it. Initiate with a small thing and the rest will follow :) something should always excite you and pep you up in its such a nice feeling. Wish me the best in bringing all this together and sharing this beautiful joy of baking with all lovely people out here in this beautiful world. Go for your zeal :) Love u all

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